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Dentures Clinic: All You Need to Know Before Your Next Visit

The phrase dentures clinic may be one you’re already familiar with, or maybe not. Either way you’re curious to know some new stuff in relation to these clinics. That is exactly why we made this article, it is stocked with a lot of stuff you need to know about a dentures clinic

Denturists are expected to have certain safety and precautionary methods put in place to assure their clients’ safety. There are also some detailed procedures they should go through while offering their service to you. 

In this article, we will shed light on such things so you will have an idea of what to expect at a dentures clinic. We also share some possible red flags that would help you subtly evaluate their service.

Dental Instruments And Categories 

There are numerous dental instruments available in a dentures clinic; some are disposable and should be discarded immediately after they are used.

While some others are very much reusable after sterilization and disinfection. Some of these instruments come in contact with clients’ mouths, and should not be reused. Nobody wants the gets from one client’s mouth to be passed to another client.

These instruments are broken down into three subclasses based on the level of reusability and contact with patients. They are:

  • Non-critical: These are instruments that are used on the surface of unbroken skin and are the least disposable, meaning they can be used over often.
  • Semi-critical: These refer to instruments that have come in contact with oral tissue and should be disposed of after one use or sterilized before reuse as the case may be.
  • Critical: Critical instruments are very infectious because they are the class that come in contact with both blood and bone. They are to be treated as their semi-critical counterparts too. 

In a dentures clinic, due to certain regulations, there should be only non-critical and semi-critical tools in use. 

Disinfection And Sterilization 

dentures clinic

Disinfection and sterilization are two important procedures that go on in a dentures clinic. They are decontamination processes that are aimed at eliminating dirt and killing germs and bacteria from these tools and instruments. The aim is to eliminate any risk of infection and contamination in patients. 

Disinfection is aimed at eliminating micro-organisms, especially from work surfaces and equipment. 

Sterilization, on the other hand, is aimed at killing the germs and bacteria found on the tools and instruments used. 

Expected Safety Measures In A Dentures Clinic

  • Autoclave: An autoclave is a strong pressurized, heated equipment. The equipment is very much shaped like a microwave and is used to sterilize many of the instruments found in a denture clinic. 

Impression trays, mouth mirrors, and cutting burs are fully sterilized after each usage. Autoclaves are very much a regularly found instrument in clinics; if this one doesn’t have one, that’s a red flag. 

  • Surface Decontamination & Disinfection: Hospital grade disinfectants are used in these clinics to fully disinfect surfaces and some equipment. 

Things like mixing bowls, counter tops, dental lights door knobs and hard surfaces should always be disinfected. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment: The personal at these clinics are expected to also wear certain clothing and equipment to stay safe. 

The aim is to keep everyone safe from any possible infections and still aid the personnel in getting their job done. Things such as gloves, masks, and shields are to be worn by this personnel. 

A clinic that doesn’t have these safety measures in place should be avoided at all means. We don’t believe any practice that doesn’t have the safety of their patients in mind is worth your time.

Every practice should have your safety in mind, and we advise that you evaluate their safety procedures before you choose a dentures clinic to meet your needs.